Trainee Bank Manager Cover Letter



Mr. Carter Basin

Senior Supervisor

Banking Department

Lott Enterprises Ltd

New York, USA

23rd March 2014

Subject: Cover to the application for the trainee bank manager job position.

Respected Mr. Basin

Sir, my name is Jenna Thomas and I am writing this letter as a cover to my application for the position of the trainee bank manager. I came across the job opening through the company bulletin and wish to apply for the said position. Lott Enterprises is a reputed name with known work ethics and I hope to be a part of it and serve its clientele to the best of my abilities.

I have obtained a bachelors degree in finance field from the Stanford University. After completing graduation I went on to complete a diploma course in banking from the California State University. Post completion of my education I have worked in the sector for a collective period of 2 years. The work I have done in past has left me familiar with the workings of the sector and am equipped with the skills needed to fulfil the duties of a trainee bank manager.

I am a dedicated individual with an eye for detailing. I am a certified analyst and possess a range of management skills. I have a good command over the official language along with other languages including French and German. For further details I have enclosed with this letter copies of all the relevant documents and my resume. Hoping to hear from you soon,


Ms. Jenna Thomas

New York, USA

Assistant Bank Manager Cover Letter



Mr. James Harvard

Senior Operations Manager

Branson Banks Pvt. Ltd

New York, USA

24th March 2014

Subject: Assistant Bank Manager Cover Letter

Respected Mr. Harvard

The state journal for future employment options listed the opening for assistant bank manager at Branson Banks on the 18th of March 2014. I would like to apply for the position and hope you will consider this application. My name is Gail Brandon and I am currently employed as an assistant manager at the Hampton Banks and am seeking relocation.

The Branson Banks seem like the perfect fit for me and hope I will be a perfect fit for the organisation as well. I have completed my graduation in the field of banking, money and finance. I further have a masters’ level diploma in same field. Besides the educational background I also have a work background I believe deems me suitable for the post.

I possess good communication skills, team builder skills, managerial skills and great observation skills. I have been associated with this sector for long enough to have an understanding of its basic intricacies and the nature of the working environment. I would like to assure you that if given an opportunity to work here, I will surely prove to be an asset.

Please find my latest resume and other documents enclosed with this letter for your reference. Please let me know if any other information or document is needed from my side.

Thanks and regards

Ms. Gail Brandon

235-32, St. Marks Ave

New York, USA


Bank Executive Cover Letter



Mrs. Rachel Harem

Managing Coordinator

Henderson Banks Ltd

Upper Manhattan

New York, USA

21st March 2014

Subject: application for the position of the bank executive.

Dear Mrs. Harem

My name is Mr. James Queen and this letter is regarding the opening for the position of a bank executive in your organisation. I came to know about the job opening through the advertisement published in Manhattan Times Newspaper on 20th March 2014. I would like to apply for this position and would appreciate your consideration in the matter.

I possess all the skill sets and qualifications as mentioned in the advertisement and feel that I will prove to be an apt candidate for the post. For detailed reference of my credentials, I have enclosed a copy of my resume, educational degrees, other education transcripts and work experience proofs.

Through my educative and working years I have acquired a skill set which makes me extremely suitable for the position of the bank executive.  I possess excellent leadership skills, team working abilities, motivational skills, communication skills and exceptional managerial skills. I am strong believer in working hard and meeting all the set goals in the shortest time frame. I hope you will find that I am suitable for the position and give me the golden opportunity of working with this great organization.

If you need any more information to come to a decision, please feel free to contact me on the below given contact details.

Thanking you,

Mr. James Queen

232, Lower Manhattan

New York, USA.

Contact No: 23537587

Executive Job Application Cover Letter



Mrs. Karen Donovan

Operation Directing Manager

Jameson Enterprises Ltd


New York, USA.

Date: 29th January 2014

Subject executive manager job cover letter

Respected Mrs. Donovan

I, Hannah Benson, am writing this letter to apply for the post of executive manager at your prestigious company. I came to know about the job opening through your posting in Times Now on 27th January, 2014.  I believe I meet all the educational, experience and other job requirements as mentioned in the vacancy notice and will prove to be an apt candidate for the post.

I hold first class honours bachelor’s degree in economics from New York University and a first class honours masters’ in business management from the California University. I have been a part of this sector for past 4 years being employed at varied positions including junior manager, training manager and senior manager. Through this working period I have gained high level of familiarity with the work ethics and the working pattern of the sector. I have also gained managerial skills, leadership qualities and communication skills. My confidence and knowledge both empower me to make decisions while paying attention to every aspect of the business.

Besides the above mentioned traits and experiences I possess other skill sets needed for this executive manager position. All the relevant documents, references and recommendations are enclosed with this letter. It will be a true honour to be associated with a reputed firm like yours. Eagerly awaiting a reply pertaining to the appointment status.

With Regards

Ms. Hannah Benson

Contact: 24468784

Mortgage ApplicationCover Letter



Mr. Carmen Delouse

Operations Manager

Loans and Mortgages Department

Brian Banks & Financers Ltd

New York, USA.

Date: 29th March 2014

Subject: Mortgage Application letter

Dear Mr. Carmen

I am an account holder with the Brain Banks & Financers Ltd. and am writing this letter regarding the mortgage application I filed on the 15th of March 2014. My name is James Cameron and the said application reference number is 45262574.

I run a sole proprietor utilities business by the name of- Cameron & Sons Pvt. Ltd. in Brooklyn, New York, USA. I have filed for a loan application wherein I am mortgaging the official business location as collateral. The details of the official business have been mentioned in the previous application. I seek the loan to meet the expansion operating capital requirements of the business.

For the convenience of the banking officials and to make it easier for them to reach a sound decision I have enclosed with this letter copies of my business books and all the required documents. Kindly take a look at the documents, and once you do I am sure you will find that this business is a suitable investment. Please do not hesitate to contact me to fix a further discussion meeting. But I ensure you that this opportunity will not go to waste, hope to hear from you to the earliest. Let me know if I need to provide any other information or documents.

Thanks and regards

Yours sincerely,

Mr. James Cameron.

Contact No. : 2352377

Account No. : 4326547

Email Id:


Funding Application Cover Letter



Mr. Manish Moran

Chief Executive Manager

Eckhart International Research Council

Madison Avenue, Manhattan

New York, USA.

22nd February, 2014

Subject: application for provision of funding.

Respected Mr. Moran

I, Jerry Barton am writing this cover letter in reference to the funding application filed by members of the California university student research group on the 21st of February, 2014. In the application we have provided complete explanation of the topic, the funding aspects, the aim and projection of the research for which we seek funding.

I am writing this letter to provide you with an insight to the research and the research group to facilitate the decision making. All the participants in this group are goal oriented, well informed and are the best minds in their respective fields/ subjects/ majors. We are all very hard working, determined to attain quantitative and qualitative results and solutions. The basis of the research lies in the hardships faced by the low level income sector of our economy. We seek to analyse the current policies, plans and regulations; and then come up with tweaks, changes and new implementations to improve the social standing and standard of living in the economy.

I hope that once you go through the detailed explanation and the relevant papers (enclosed with this letter and the application) you will find the motives of this research group to be worth investing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Awaiting a reply regarding the funding provision,

With regards

Mr. Jerry Barton

Head Researcher

California, USA.

Bursary Application Cover Letter



Ms. June Gilbert

Head Secretary

College Fund

Penn Law School

Pennsylvania, USA.

29th September 2013

Subject: Cover letter regarding the application for the college fund bursary position.

Dear Ms. Secretary

My name is Derek Thomas and I am writing this letter as a cover to my application. I have filed the said application to apply for the position of the college fund bursary, for the law class. As per the college rules the position of the bursary is open only for the 2nd year students and having entered the second year of graduation I believe this is the perfect time to take up this opportunity.

I understand that the position of the bursary is a job loaded with responsibility and the appointed individual must be very cautious. I would like to state that I am very observant, have an eye for detail and am very hard working. My focus is sharp and am a good communicator, have sharp leadership and management skills. Besides these I am really good at mathematics, calculations and have appropriate knowledge of finance management for I opted for finance as a subject in high school.

To make it easier for the decision makers to adjudge my suitability for the bursary position, I have enclosed copies of my transcripts, papers and other relevant document/ details with this letter. I hope my application will be considered and I will be informed about the decision that I made regarding the position as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot

Mr. Derek Thomas

Class Roll No.: 27

Contact No.: 4326346


Marketing Job Application Cover Letter



Mr. Dennis Morris

Senior Operations Manager

Marketing Department

Olsen Enterprises Ltd

Pennsylvania, USA

21st February, 2014

Subject: Cover letter to apply for a marketing job position

Dear Mr. Morris

My name is Samuel Volta and I am writing this as a cover letter for my job application. I came across listing of marketing job openings in this organisation on state union employment bulletin. I would like to apply for the marketing job position and become a part of Olsen Enterprises, a name that needs no introduction.

I have an excellent combination of skills which I believe deem me suitable for the position and will make me an asset to the organisation. I am an excellent communicator with persuasiveness, perseverance and adaptability as a part of my communicative side. I am quick to adapt to changes, am great even under pressure and have stone wall determined mind. Besides possessing these skills I also meet the education requirements for this job position. I have a bachelors’ degree in business and a masters’ level diploma in marketing as a major from state accredited institutions.

I also have good work experience, further details of which are mentioned in the resume which is enclosed with this letter. I hope that the panel will scrutinise my details and come to a sound decision regarding appointment to this position. Kindly contact me for further details, and kindly keep me posted on the progress. Will wait for your positive reply.

Thanks and regards

Mr. Samuel Volta

Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact No.: 3426347

Law School Application Cover Letter



Peter Mathews


London law School

3455, Red Street, X square


Date: 1st April 2014

Subject: applying for admission for the bachelor’s program at your law school

Respected Sir,

I, Sarah Parker am writing this letter so as to apply for admission to the Bachelor’s Law Program at your reputed Law school. London Law School has been my dream college and by gaining education from this top university of London, I shall feel proud and very fortunate. I assure you that I will be a dedicated, hardworking and focused student if I am given a seat in the 2014-2018 batch.

Ever since I was in junior high school, I was inclined towards law and was always fascinated by lawyers. But only after I reached high school did I realize that I was good at law studies and political science. I have scored an aggregate of 92% at the high school level and have topped two subjects. I aspire to be a corporate lawyer and what better place to start my academics in law than your Law school.  I really hope that you will find my enclosed resume and credentials good enough for allotting me a seat in this year’s batch.

Apart from academics, I am an excellent public speaker and orator. These qualities, along with my ability to take part in debates and extra -curricular activities make me a strong candidate for this course. I am looking forward to hear a positive reply from your side.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Sarah parker

Lease Application Cover Letter



William Joshua

L—90, first floor, Potters building

C square, New York

Date: 3rd April 2014

Subject: lease Application letter

Dear Mr. Joshua

I came across your apartment lease advertisement in the NYU Times Newspaper dated 1stApril 2014 and was extremely keen on applying for it. Through this letter, I, Bart Parkson am applying for the lease and hope that you will consider me a suitable tenant for your apartment.  Please find enclosed identity proof and other documents.

I am a 34 year old male married to Jessica Parkson for the last 6 years. We have a son aged 3 and we all shall be moving in if you accept my application for lease. I can assure you that we are law abiding and peaceful citizens of the city and have no previous criminal records. We shall only be using the apartment for residential purpose and agree to pay the rent within the first week of each month, as per your specifications. I am job holder whereas my wife is a stay at home mom. Our attached reference letters will throw light on the fact that we have always paid rent on time and have proved to be good tenants in the past.

We have been looking for a residential apartment near the city center for quite some time as our son’s school is closer to this area. If you consider us suitable to be the tenants for your apartment, we shall be ready to sign a lease agreement.

Awaiting your reply

Thanking you

Bart Parkson