Consulting Job Cover Letter


Mrs. Karen Harmon

Taylor Consultancies Pvt. Ltd.

53, 4th and mains, Madison Ave

New Jersey, USA.

25th August 2013

SUBJECT: To apply for the position of the junior consultant analyst.

Respected Mrs. Harmon

I, Hannah Moran, am writing this letter to apply for the junior analyst consultant position at this organisation. I came to know of the vacancy at the firm through the weekly bulletin published by the HR department. I assure you that I am very hard working and will take each task assigned to me very seriously. All I need is, for you to grant me the opportunity to be a part of the organisation.

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Economics from New Jersey University. Besides the degree I have also learned many analysis skills in course of completing the SAS Diploma. Under the diploma program I learned to use the SAS software which is most suitable for regression analysis. I also have appropriate knowledge in the field of finance as I have a diploma in financial markets and derivatives. I possess impressive communication and interpersonal skills.

The certificates and the documents certifying my qualifications and experience are enclosed with the letter. Will wait for your reply.

Thanking you

Hannah Moran

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