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Financial Research Associate Cover Letter

Financial research associate cover letters are those letters that are drafted and sent by a candidate when he wishes to apply for the said position in an organisation. These letters have a professional tone and showcase the skills and qualifications of the candidate. Sample of letter is given below for reference.

Sample Financial Research Associate Cover Letter


Shane Paul

Financial Head

Glow Enterprises Limited



30th May 2014

Subject: Financial research associate cover letter

Respected Sir,

With an experience of more than 8 years in the financial industry, I am writing this letter to express my keen interest towards the vacant post of a financial research associate, currently available at your company. I got to know about the available opportunity through my friend Mr. Jacob Andrew, who is working as a financial analyst under your supervision. My researching skills clubbed with a clear vision towards my work would help me prove my candidacy to you.

As you can find from the enclosed resume, I have done Master’s in Finance and Research and have thereafter worked at various respectable job posts in the financial industry. I have a track record of receiving appreciations for the financial research works that I provide, the expert financial measures, strategies and methods that I suggest and the dedicative approach with which I carry my duties.

I assure to take the financial team of your company to the new heights by working at the post of a financial research associate. I look forward to meet you personally and discuss in detail, about the candidacy procedures.

Thanking you.


Alex Watson

Financial Hardship Cover Letter

During financial crises or financial hardships, a person faces tough time to finance his or her expenses, business, studies, etc. To request for some kind of financial relaxation, financial hardship cover letters are written. This letter states the current situation of the financial hardships of the sender.

Sample Financial Hardship Cover Letter


Leonardo Paul


Great Apartments, House number 32

Main Victory Street



6th June 2014

Subject: Financial hardship cover letter

Dear Mr. Paul,

I am writing this letter to explain you my current set of financial hardships that has made me delinquent in paying you the monthly rentals. Due to current recession in the industry, I have been laid off from my job in the month of April due to which, it is becoming impossible for me to manage with the daily expenses.

I realise that it is lack of conduct on my behalf that I did not provide you with the 4 months of rent against your property but I am in serious problems. My savings are just enough to fulfil the family needs and the children’s school fees. I kindly request you to please give me some time and I will clear all the payment. I am working and trying hard to earn a job for myself and I assure you that I would pay the rent as soon as possible.

I sincerely hope for your kind cooperation during this difficult time of my financial hardships. Once again I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanking you.


Jacob Mathew


Financial Counsellor Cover Letter

The person who wishes to apply for the job post of a financial counsellor writes a job application letter that is called as a financial counsellor cover letter. This letter is written to convey your interest to the reader and state the skills and potentials. The letters are enclosed along with resume, reference letters and other documents.

Sample Financial Counsellor Cover Letter


Leo Roy

Hiring Manager

Dreams Enterprises Limited



30th May 2014

Subject: Financial counsellor cover letter

Respected Sir,

In reference to the advertisement in the local newspaper Times Daily dated 29th May 2014, I am writing this letter to express my keen desire to seek employment at the post of financial counsellor at your reputed organisation. With over 5years of experience in the financial industry and possessing exceptional counselling skills, I am confident that I would prove to be an asset to your company.

As you can find from the enclosed resume, I have done Bachelor’s in Financial Mathematics and have done 2 years of training related to financial counselling and marketing. At my current post of a financial counsellor at Royal’s Firm, I have gained the necessary exposure to interpret the financial needs of a company, analyse, perform surveys and hence suggest beneficial measures. With good communicational skills, convincing powers and great demonstrative abilities, I am capable of counselling customers and clients for their desired financial query or purpose.

I look forward to meet you over a personal interview and discuss about the candidacy in better way. For any kind of details that you may need, please feel free to contact me on 5939493.

Thanking you.


Jacob Paul

Financial Clerk Cover Letter


Ms. Alicia James

Manager- HR

“DataCentre Corp.”

198 Los Gatos Blvd.

Waco, Texas

Date: 05th February 2014

Subject: Application for the profile of a Financial Clerk

Dear Ma’am,

I came across your recent advertisement for the position of a Financial Clerk on a job portal. With the desire to expand my knowledge and skill set, and learn from the experience of working with one of the most reputed financial institutions in the country, I would like to apply for the position.

I have been working with “Delta Investments” for the past two years as a financial assistant, and believe that I have learnt adequately from here. I am adept at database management and secretarial duties, such as filing, bookkeeping, scheduling and so on. I have also developed acceptable customer service skills and have assisted seniors during their client visits and calls. As such I believe that if selected for the profile, I will be able to contribute satisfactorily to the organization. I am a motivated and passionate individual, and have always been interested in exploring myself in the world of finance.

I have a graduation degree in Accountancy and am presently pursuing my degree in CFA. In this respect I also have strong observation skills, required for reviewing financial documents, for errors, data updates etc. Additionally I have also been responsible for sending out letters for delinquent accounts.

I am very detail oriented, can multi-task and perform under stress. As such I would be obliged if you would consider my application and take the time to go through my enclosed resume.

I shall call at your office on Friday to understand the status of my application.

Thanks and regards

Ms. Natalia Jenson

(Resume Enclosed)

Financial Planner Cover Letter


Mr. Mark Hendersen

Sr. Manager- HR

BlueBerry Financial House

65 3 S Winsome Road

Boise, ID

Date: 06th January 2014

Subject: Application for the position of a Financial Planner

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to your newspaper advertisement on 04th January 2014, for the position of a Financial Planner, for your esteemed financial house.

I have always been passionate about designing and developing financial plans and as such aspire to pursue a long time career in this field. Along with this letter you will find an enclosed resume that details my academic and professional career. In brief, academically I have a Masters in Financial Planning and a CFA degree. Professionally I have worked with RBS and Bank of America, and my career spans over five years.

In my current position, I have a close working relation with my clients and am entrusted with providing them with financial solutions regarding their investments. Previously I have also worked on assignments on completing investment strategies and organizing administrative work and collating market rates.

As such, I believe that I possess all the necessary qualification and requirement to be part of BlueBerrys financial planning team. I look forward to an opportunity to be able to appear for an interview and discuss my suitability for the profile.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Jeremy Parker

(Enclosed Resume)

Financial Trader Cover Letter


Mr. Sheldon Smith

“Clark&Smith Trading Group”

3378 Reppert Coal Road,

Detroit, MI

Date: 07th February 2014

Subject: Application for the profile of a financial trader

Dear Mr. Smith,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Derek Green, and I have been following the financial market for several months now. I believe that the manner in which stocks are constantly changing prices it requires the backbone of a company like yours to stay updated and guide investors correctly.

I am very interested in this field and believe that it is only under the tutelage of a person of your calibre that I can learn properly. As such I would request for the opportunity to apply for the position of a financial trader at your company offices at New York City. I am aware that there are several contenders for this position, but I believe that other than requisite knowledge I have the necessary convincing skills, a customer centric approach to crack deals and knack for identifying new trends and opportunities for business. And, being a constant follower of the market, I have a working knowledge of the fluctuations that one can expect.

I also have a degree in accountancy and a diploma in wealth management. In my previous organization, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to equities, derivatives, futures and options and as such have a keen eye to identify investments that would deliver higher dividends. I have also enclosed an updated resume for you to consider.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards

Derek Green

(Resume Enclosed)

Financial Aid Director Cover Letter


Ms. Rebecca Allen

“BlueKing Corp.”

2573 Adonias Way,

Atlanta, GA

Date: 9th February 2014

Subject: Application for the profile of Financial Aid Director

Dear Ma’am

I take this opportunity to apply for the position of Financial Aid Director that was advertised on your website a couple of days ago. I request you to take some time off and go through my enclosed. I assure you that I have the necessary skill set and knowledge required to apply and be considered for a position like this.

Once you go through my resume, you will agree that my in my twelve years of professional experience I have executed and been responsible for all the responsibilities listed in the job description for the profile. My expertise however lies in areas such as- presenting options for scholarships, loans both federal and private, and assistance programs for both existing and incoming students.

Additionally, I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters Degree in Law (all details in the enclosed Resume.) My academic qualifications and my years of experience has given me the ability to determine whether a student is capable and deserving of aid or not, and provide them with guidance as per their requirement. I am also skilled in using necessary tools such as MS Office, NSLDS, SIS and so on. Moreover my inter-personal and communication skills provide me with an advantage in this field.

I would therefore request you to consider my application. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Jake Blimey

(Resume Enclosed)

Financial Data Analyst Cover Letter

Henry Markson

HR Manager

Timothy group of companies

London, UK

Date: 4th July 2012

Subject: applying for the position of a financial data analyst

Respected Mr. Markson

I, John Cusack am writing this letter to apply for the position of a financial data analyst in your reputed company. Sir, I have extreme respect for this organization and have been looking for an opportunity to work here for a long time. I came across the job opening for the position of financial data analyst in the newspaper yesterday and decided to apply for it.  I assure you that my skills, qualifications and experience make me a good choice and promise to perform up to the best of my capabilities if given a chance.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume and supporting documents with this letter and these will help you to evaluate my suitability for this job closely. I have worked as a financial analyst at ‘Greg and Monty’ for over 3 years and also at ‘Peterson Inc.’ for 1 year. I gained rich experience and exposure of the field of finance by working at these prestigious organizations. I request you to consider me for this job.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you

John Cusack

Financial Internship Cover Letter


Mar. Peter Ronalds

Yellow Organisation

F-90, times street,

New York

23rd July 2013

Sub: application for the position of an intern in the finance department of the company

Respected sir,

This is with reference to your job opening on the company’s official website as on 21st July 2013. Through this letter, I am applying for the job position of a financial intern in your prestigious and well known company.  I have graduated from Yale University in 2012 and since then I have been doing financial diploma courses to improve my skills and gain experience. This opportunity will really help me to move forward in my career and achieve my career objectives.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume and academic documents along with this letter. I hope you find my qualifications suitable enough for me to be hired at the position of an intern in the finance department. I have always been interested in commerce, accounts and finance and have been a top scoring student through all the academic years. I have also represented Yale at the World Finance quiz contest held last year and was awarded the second position. I am really looking for a positive reply from your side.


Richard Markson

Financial Investigator Cover Letter


Mr. Dan Brown

Timothy Enterprises

456, Friends street, Putney Bridge,

Putney, London

Date: 6th May 2013

Sub: Applying for the post of financial investigator

Respected Mr. Brown

I, Martin Black am writing this letter with the aim of applying for the position of a financial investigator in your reputed organisation. I came to know about the job opening for this position through the advertisement published in London Mid-Day Newspaper on 4th May 2013. I am sure that if hired, I shall be an asset and will work to the best of my abilities to maintain the prestige and principles of this great organisation.  I fully realise the challenges associated with the job and I am keen on taking them to polish my skills.

The enclosed documents and my resume will throw a light on my educational qualifications and rich working experience that I have gained through hardwork, dedication and my passion for finance.  I have a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting, and have worked for 3 organisations at various positions within the field of finance.  This opportunity will help me to grow as a professional and as an individual.

I hope you will consider my application,

Thanking you

Martin Black