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Banking Internship Cover Letter



Mr. Henry Charles

Senior Manager

Pearson & Van Dyke Enterprises

Manhattan, New York

16th March 2014

Subject: Internship application cover letter.

Respected Sir

I, Gerry Henderson am writing this letter to apply for the internship program at the organisation for students working towards a bachelor’s degree. I am student of the Bachelors in Business Finance program at the California University, USA and consider this a great opportunity for me to kick-start my career. I hope that you will consider my application and give me a chance to be part of your prestigious company.

I wish to be a part of your organisation and extremely keen to learn from your experienced staff and add to my pool of knowledge and skills. Gaining work experience and having your company name listed on my profile will be an absolute honour.

To provide you with the details of my educational background, I have enclosed with this letter a copy of my transcripts, term papers and recommendations. Also enclosed is a copy of my resume and experience letter from previous internship experience. I believe I am very hard working, eager to learn, dedicated and thorough with anything I take up. I hope that you will consider my application and give me the opportunity to learn from the best. Please let me know if I need o provide any other information or documents. Looking forward to meet you in person.


Mr. Gerry Henderson

25, Madison Avenue

New York, USA

Contact No.: 86978576

Email Id:

Marketing Job Application Cover Letter



Mr. Dennis Morris

Senior Operations Manager

Marketing Department

Olsen Enterprises Ltd

Pennsylvania, USA

21st February, 2014

Subject: Cover letter to apply for a marketing job position

Dear Mr. Morris

My name is Samuel Volta and I am writing this as a cover letter for my job application. I came across listing of marketing job openings in this organisation on state union employment bulletin. I would like to apply for the marketing job position and become a part of Olsen Enterprises, a name that needs no introduction.

I have an excellent combination of skills which I believe deem me suitable for the position and will make me an asset to the organisation. I am an excellent communicator with persuasiveness, perseverance and adaptability as a part of my communicative side. I am quick to adapt to changes, am great even under pressure and have stone wall determined mind. Besides possessing these skills I also meet the education requirements for this job position. I have a bachelors’ degree in business and a masters’ level diploma in marketing as a major from state accredited institutions.

I also have good work experience, further details of which are mentioned in the resume which is enclosed with this letter. I hope that the panel will scrutinise my details and come to a sound decision regarding appointment to this position. Kindly contact me for further details, and kindly keep me posted on the progress. Will wait for your positive reply.

Thanks and regards

Mr. Samuel Volta

Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact No.: 3426347

Lease Application Cover Letter



William Joshua

L—90, first floor, Potters building

C square, New York

Date: 3rd April 2014

Subject: lease Application letter

Dear Mr. Joshua

I came across your apartment lease advertisement in the NYU Times Newspaper dated 1stApril 2014 and was extremely keen on applying for it. Through this letter, I, Bart Parkson am applying for the lease and hope that you will consider me a suitable tenant for your apartment.  Please find enclosed identity proof and other documents.

I am a 34 year old male married to Jessica Parkson for the last 6 years. We have a son aged 3 and we all shall be moving in if you accept my application for lease. I can assure you that we are law abiding and peaceful citizens of the city and have no previous criminal records. We shall only be using the apartment for residential purpose and agree to pay the rent within the first week of each month, as per your specifications. I am job holder whereas my wife is a stay at home mom. Our attached reference letters will throw light on the fact that we have always paid rent on time and have proved to be good tenants in the past.

We have been looking for a residential apartment near the city center for quite some time as our son’s school is closer to this area. If you consider us suitable to be the tenants for your apartment, we shall be ready to sign a lease agreement.

Awaiting your reply

Thanking you

Bart Parkson



Real Estate Rental Application Cover Letter



Tim Brooks


345, Putney Bridge, West Minster road


Date: 2nd April 2014

Subject: real estate rental application cover letter

Respected Mr. Tim

This is in reference to your real estate rental lease advertisement that was printed in the London Mid -Day newspaper. I am applying for lease of your real estate commercial property by the means of this letter and to support my application, I have enclosed a copy of my identity proof, job proof and nationality proof. I hope that you will consider me as a suitable tenant and agree to rent the property for a period of 1 year.

I have been looking for a commercial space for setting up my computer repair office in the city for a long time and your property seems to be at the perfect location for my purpose. As per your specifications, I am willing to pay a rent of $500 per month and will be only using the property for commercial use and not residential. I assure you that I am a peace loving individual who hasn’t had any episodes or violence or crime in the past and would not be a threat to your property. Moreover, my past record will show that I always pay rent on time and all my previous landlords will vouch for the same.

If you consider me as a possible tenant, then please feel free to contact me on my contact number or email address, as mentioned below.

Looking forward to your reply

Mathew Anderson



Legal Administrator Cover Letter



Greg Charles

Law Firm chief executive

Timothy Law Firm

4-T, first floor, Paulo tower, Jackson Street


Date: 7th March 2014

Subject:  legal administrator cover letter

Respected Mr. Charles

I, Peter Pettigrew am writing this letter as a cover to my application for the position of a legal administrator in your London Based Law Firm. I came across the job opening for this challenging position in the Weekly Jobs Magazine on 5th March and considered it as a golden opportunity for me to move forward in my career.  My skills, education and work experience make me a suitable and right choice for this job and I hope that you consider my application.

Enclosed along with this letter are my credentials that will help you to make a better decision about recruitment.  The position of legal administration is one which not only deals with good managerial skills but also a grasp on Law and legal matters. I consider myself suitable because not only do I have a Bachelors’ degree in Law but also a diploma degree in administration.  In addition to this, I have also worked as a legal secretary for Mr. Timothy Markson of Markson Law Firm for a period of 2 years and this has helped me understand the working of the field better.

I am a hardworking individual with excellent communication skills, good knowledge of law firm operations and exceptional administrative abilities. I can assure you with full certainty that I will give my best if hired for this post.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Peter Pettigrew

Business Administrator Cover Letter



Philip Baratheon

Senior HR manager

Kelly Manufacturers

T-56, First floor, Peter tower, J Street


Date: 4th April 2014

Subject: applying for the position of a business administrator

Respected Mr. Baratheon

This letter is in reference to the job opening for the position of a business administrator that was printed in the London Times Newspaper on 1st April 2014. I, Billy Jones consider myself to be the right candidate for this job, owing to my previous work experiences as well as my knowledge base and aptitude for business administration.  Through this letter, I am applying for the job position and hope that you will find my enclosed details of qualifications and academic achievement worthy enough.

I have always had a deep interest in the field of business and manufacturing and have always been fascinated with the concept of effective management. To channelize this interest and inclination, I pursued Bachelor’s in Business Administration from London University and then went onto complete Masters in Business administration from Birmingham University. My education helped me to strengthen my knowledge and grasp over management and then I completed a few internships to be ready for a career in this field.  These experiences have helped me a lot in my career which includes 2 years as an assistant office manager and 1 year as a business administrator.

If given a chance, I would prove to be an asset for a company as reputed as yours and will deliver good results. My latest resume is herewith enclosed with this letter.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Thanking you,

Billy Jones



Branch administrator cover letter


Ms. Gina Robbins

Manager – HR,

Los Angeles Corporation Bank,

89432, Snow Ridge Drive,

Los Angeles,



Date – 18th April 2014

Sub – branch administrator cover letter

Dear Ms. Robbins,

This letter is to bring to your notice that I am interested in applying for the vacant post of a branch administrator at the Los Angeles Corporation Bank. I came across the advertisement your bank placed on the website and I am happy to inform you that I fit most of credentials required for the job.

I have an experience of three years working as a branch administrator for the San Francisco Fidelity Bank and I will be happy to apply the hands on experience and knowledge gained so far in my current profile at the Los Angeles Corporation Bank, if I am selected. As a branch administrator I have been handling responsibilities such as managing the team of administrators, making sure that operational activities are completed within the stipulated deadline and that includes administrative responsibilities as well.

I am also required to prepare reports and other documents related to projects. The other important responsibility includes maintaining personnel records which ensure that the paperwork is completed and submitted to the payroll department within the deadline. I hope that I have been able to present my credentials, which will help you in deciding to choose me as the next branch administrator for the Los Angeles Corporation Bank.

I hope we can meet in person and discuss about my career prospects at the bank.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Melissa Joan Hart




Assistant management accountant cover letter



Mr. Miguel Gomez

Manager – HR,

Higgins Technical Solutions Private Limited,

67432, Deep Hill Avenue,

Los Angeles,



Date – 17th April 2014

Sub – assistant management accountant cover letter

Dear Mr. Gomez,

This letter is to bring to your notice that I wish to apply for the position of an assistant management accountant. I came across the advertisement placed by Higgins Technical Solutions Private Limited in the daily newspapers for the said position, and was immediately prompted to apply for the job.

I have been working at Zenith Solutions Private Limited in the position of an assistant management accountant, and I know the responsibilities that come with this profile. With regard to this, I can assure you that Higgins Technical Solutions Private Limited will benefit from the experience I would bring to the table.

Along with my zeal and enthusiasm for the job, I am also armed with a degree in accounting, which I gained from the Los Angeles Community College. Immediately after my graduation, I interned with Zenith Solutions Private Limited and was absorbed at the end of my internship. I am also confident of my technical as well as my organizational skills, which are complemented by my people skills.

My training in accounting programs like Excel, Peachtree, Class and more have made me confident that I will be a valuable addition to Higgins Technical Solutions Private Limited.

I hope we can meet in person and discuss my career prospects at Higgins Technical Solutions Private Limited at length.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Zoe Saldana



Research Assistant Senior Cover Letter


Mr. Robert Gates

Robert Inc

New York

18th February 2014

Sub: Application for the post of Senior Research Assistant

Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement in The New York Times for the post of Senior Research Assistant, published on 17th February 2014, I am excited to see that I meet all your requirements for this job position. I hold your organization in high esteem and am sure if given a chance to work for you I will not disappoint you. It will be a great honour to be a part of your winning team and gain invaluable experience, when I am on the threshold of starting a career of a Research Assistant.

Attached with this cover letter, is my latest resume which will help you to analyse and evaluate my academic qualifications and my experience. It is this experience of mine which has motivated me to be a part of your endeavour and broaden my vision and horizon in the field of Research.

I am looking forward to a favourable response from your side.

If you wish to contact me, you may call me at 7777 8976 or you could also email me at

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Shawn

Medical Records Specialist Cover Letter


Ms. Beth Perry

Manager – HR,

Guthenberg Clinic Private Limited,

56, Ring Road,



7th January 2014

Sub – Application for the position of a medical records specialist

Dear Ms. Perry,

Please find this letter as a response to the advertisement Guthenberg Clinic Private Limited placed in the daily newspapers dated – 5th January 2014 looking for a medical records specialist. I have been employed as a medical records specialist in Health First Wellness Clinic Private Limited since 2010. Please find a copy of my resume and my references attached herewith. I am confident that I am the right candidate for this job, given that I have an experience of three years wherein I have incorporated the finer nuances of record keeping and customer service skills in my professional expertise.

I am also confident that my computer literacy and my internship at college for eight months will give me a push in the right direction. I am already aware of the various skills that are needed for this profile like copying, filling and scanning the necessary documents. My experience has also taught me to be proficient in performing other clerical tasks and operating office equipment.

Hope we can meet soon to discuss the possibilities of my employment.

Thanking You

Thelma Birch