Bank Entry Level Cover Letter



Mr. John Rebuke

Senior Manager

Human Resources Department

Parton Banks Pvt. Ltd


New York, USA

20th March 2014

Subject: bank entry level cover letter

Respected Mr. Rebuke

This is in reference to the entry level job openings that were published in the official state bulletin of Parton Banks Pvt. Ltd. I am a fresh graduate from the Pennsylvania State University and am writing this letter as a cover to the application for an entry level position in this bank. My name is Jerry Jade and I have just attained my Bachelor’s in Banking & Finance from the said university with honours.

The Parton banks have always portrayed a spirit of hard work and determination. The organisation has remained persistent in their performance in spite of ups and downs in the sector. I would like to be a part of this strong entity and be a part of its working group, serving all its customers to the best of my abilities. I have excellent written skills, and exceptionalcommunication abilities. I also possess an eye for detail and am dedicated towards anything that comes my way.

To ensure you of my educational qualifications and other skills I have enclosed with this letter copies of resume, recommendations, transcripts and other relevant documents. I hope that you will soon come to a decision regarding the appointment status for the position and keep me posted about the same. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further queries.

With utmost regards

Mr. Jerry Jade

23, 5th Street, St. James Square

New York, USA.

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