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Construction Superintendent Cover Letter


Mr. Mathew Fischer

Brandster Office Property Trust

New York

31st Oct 2013

Sub: Application for the post of Construction Superintendent

Respected Sir,

I, Rick Martin, am forwarding my resume in response to your job posting at for the post of Construction Superintendent. In my 8 years long work experience I have successfully tackled multifarious project situations like unexpected time loss due to weather, furnishing shortages, or workers issues by making appropriate adjustments.

On a macro level I am proficient in breaking the venture down into handy “chunks” and organizing the personnel so that things will get done on time. Being in business for long, I have managed to form healthy relations with subcontractors and staff, and thus have a good standing in construction circles with respect to hiring a team fit for different projects.

I am familiar with construction management softwares such as MS Excel and Project, Prolog, AutoCad and am skilled in setting up schedules and spreadsheets. My ability to remain calm, focused and effective under pressure situations make me strong leader efficient in cost control.

If you give me the chance to work with your experienced firm I sure to contribute by my earnest team playing.


Frank Rooster

Treasury Accountant Cover Letter


Michelle Rogers

Bright Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

Los Angeles

16th October, 2012

Sub: Application for Treasury Accountant Post

Respected Mr. Rogers

I had recently come across your advertisement in the national newspaper where you were seeking someone for the post of a treasury accountant. This letter is to show my interest in the same. As you had mentioned in the advertisement that your requirement is strictly for someone who has experience in the field of entertainment and motion pictures in particular, I consider myself fit for this post. This is owing to the fact that in my eight years of working experience, I have exclusively worked with media production houses and the last two companies I have worked for are Radiance Media Pvt. Ltd and Cityscape Pictures respectively.

Thus, I have adequate knowledge about the nitty-gritties of a film production house and the related accounts work. I am also a very fast learner and excel when it comes to interacting with people. Thus, I will cope with any new team in no time. Please have a look at my resume enclosed herewith and give my application a consideration. I promise to give my best and help your esteemed organisation to prosper even further.


Tom Swayze

Construction Inspector Cover Letter


Williams Jack


Holmes Private Limited



7th Oct 2013

Subject: Construction Inspector Cover Letter

Respected Mr. Jack,

Please consider my letter of interest as I wish to apply my candidacy for the post of a construction inspector at your esteemed organisation. This is in reference to the web posting on the website, which caught my interest. After reading the job description, I believe that my qualifications and skills closely matches to your requirements. To have a full insight to my profile, please find the enclosed resume.

I hold a B.Tech degree in civil services and certificate of inspection construction (ICC). With an experience of 3 years in the construction industry, I am equipped with means to inspect the construction works from its initiations to its finishing. With good analytical skills and problem solving abilities, I make sure that my works and inspections are done in the best possible way. At your esteemed company, I would work to keep a check on the workmanship of construction labours, inspect their working hours and salaries, and assure risk management and other factors.

I look forward for an opportunity to meet you over a personal interview. For any other details regarding my candidacy, please feel free to contact me on 4939492.

Thanking you.


Eric Derek

Property Accountant Cover Letter


Mini Johnson

Dreams Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.

New York

2nd June, 2013

Sub: Application for the Post of Property Accountant

Respected Ms. Johnson

I am highly interested to work as a property accountant in your organisation and this letter is an application for the same. I have an education background in accounting along with a work experience of two years in a real estate firm. Thus, I have both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field. Besides, I have a keen interest in the ever increasing industry of real estate and thus often read articles and research findings on this field. This adds to my general awareness regarding the recent occurrences in the real estate market.

I have excellent communication skills combined with my in depth knowledge of research allow me to provide clear and smart details to clients and at the same time lead a team of workers within the organisation. I am strong believer of professionalism and once hired, I leave no stone unturned to enable my company to reach newer heights.

I am confident that I will be able to offer you the kind of service you are looking for. My resume is herewith enclosed with the letter. Please give my application a kind consideration.


Thomas Hanes

Construction Trade Cover Letter


Jackson Peterson

General Manager

Rolex Industries



7th Oct 2013

Subject: Construction Trade Cover Letter

Respected Mr. Jackson,

I am Harry Chadwick, CEO of Homes Trade Company, and through this letter I would like to introduce my company to you. It has come to my notice that your company is one of the leading construction companies across the city. After carefully reviewing the works and construction projects that you have dealt in for over more than 10 years, I believe that a construction trade with our company will benefit you in some way.

We are an established firm, trading in construction machineries, concrete material, brick materials, supply of construction labours etc. We run an organisation to help big industries like yours, to facilitate trade and supply of all types of construction equipments. As you will find from the enclosed documents, we have worked with the top most construction companies for past 8 years. We provide flexible, cheap and an easier from of trading means to assist our clients in the best possible way.

We look forward to meet you personally so that we get a platform to discuss about the trading modes and principles. Please let us know about your convenience. For details and information, please contact us on 4923949.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


Harry Chadwick


Homes Trade Company

Management Accountant Cover Letter


Tim Getting

Treasure Troves



6th March, 2013

Sub: Application for the Post of Management Accountant

Respected Sir,

This is in response to your advertisement on for the vacant post of management accountant. I would like to apply for this post and have enclosed my resume along with this letter for your convenience. My work experience of eleven years has helped me grow and develop into a responsible and competent individual who can take up responsibilities and get work done by a team at the same time strengthening their skills too. I have been working as a management accountant for James Firms in US for the last four years but am looking for a change of job since I need to return to my city. Your organisation is undoubtedly the biggest one in the field in this region and hence I would be obliged if you give me an opportunity of working with you.

My skills and dedication enable me to take important managerial decisions and my communication skills make relationship building both within and outside the organisation a comfortable task. I am comfortable in working for long hours and under pressure. Kindly take a look at my resume and give my application a kind consideration.

Thanking you,

Homer Gomes

Construction Worker Cover Letter


The Manager

Veda Constructions Pvt. Ltd

New Jersey

10th September 2013

Sub: Application for the post of Construction Worker

Dear Sir,

This is in response to your advertisement in the local newspaper dated 09/09/2013 looking for a construction worker for your company. I have experience in working for Adwell Constructions Pvt. Ltd for the past seven years. I had started my career as a fresher in this field, and have been promoted as a expert construction worker for my skills and capabilities. Now, I am looking forward to change the company and move on to a better opportunity with a new organisation. It will be my pleasure to be able to work in a reputed company like yours.

I have the ability to complete any construction related task. I have all the licenses that are required for this job, and all my documents are updated. I also have the capability to lead a construction team and get the job done within the prescribed time. I hereby, enclose my resume along with the other relevant documents with this application. It will be very kind of you if you go through my resume and give it a thought. I promise to contribute to the company’s betterment. Hope to hear from you soon.


Jack Dawson.

Payroll Accountant Cover Letter


James Flores

Gilmore Finances Inc.


5th April, 2013

Sub: Application for the Post of Payroll Accountant

Respected Sir,

As advertised in the local newspaper about the vacancy of a payroll accountant, I would like to apply for the post and am highly interested in working with your company. My educational and work experiences combine to create a perfect choice for this post.

I have been working in the same post for the last six years with a reputed organisation in the city of New York. I have experience in implementing payrolls, working with the HR policy of the organisation, training in-house workers as well as freelancers, reviewing salary, etc. My previous work also involved working with the HR team, assisting them, keeping a check on employment, tending to client and customer queries and correspondence with both parties as well as leading teams for different projects. I thus possess good communication skills and excel at multitasking.

It will be very kind of you to go through my resume attached herewith and give my application a consideration. I have been longing to work with your organisation and would be grateful to get an opportunity. Please let me know if I need to provide any other information.


Richards Thomas

Construction Safety Officer Cover Letter


The Manager

ABC Construction Company

New Jersey

10th September 2013

Sub: Application for the post of Construction Safety Officer

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to your advertisement in the local newspaper dated 08/09/2013 looking for a construction safety officer for your company. I would like to apply for the above mentioned post. I am working with Progressive Realtors Pvt. Ltd for the past five years as a construction safety officer. My current job profile is to take care and monitor the preventive measures in a construction site. I have gathered great knowledge while working in this field. Now, I would like to move forward with my career and would be honored if I am able to work in such a well known construction company as yours.

I am qualified with all the certificates that are required for this job profile. All the documents and trainings are well covered and certified. I hereby, enclose my resume with this application letter. I feel that I will be a good choice and add to your company’s goodwill and reputation. I will eagerly wait for your response. Please let me know if I need to provide any other information.


Robert Falldown


Accountant Assistant Cover Letter


Rebecca Stephens

Big Finances Pvt. Ltd.

New Jersey

4th June, 2013

Sub: Application for the Post of Accountant Assistant

Respected Sir,

This application is in response to your advertisement in the local newspaper for the post of an accountant assistant in your organisation and I would like to apply for the same. I have a strong education background in financial accounting and have recently worked with George Financial Consultancy for the past two years and thus, my knowledge and skills fulfil the requirements of the job position.

I am a fast learner and am eager to grow soon and fast. Thus, I take great interest in knowing things and closely observing how an organisation works. This enables me to gel well with the co-workers as well as learn the work pattern soon. I have a degree in financial accounting and have worked in the area of cost accounting too, thus possessing knowledge as well as hands on experience in both. I have excellent and fast paced skills when it comes to work like entering and calculating vendor details, employee salaries, etc.

Added to this is my interest in HR work and I can, if need be work in close cooperation with the department too. I have enclosed my resume along with this letter. Please take a look at it and let me know if you consider me fit for this post.


James Colin